The Sculpting Brow Pen Volumize & Waterproof

  • füllt Augenbrauen auf und definiert sie
  • cremig-weiche Textur für ein natürliches Finish
  • wasserbeständige Formel

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Sheabutter – sorgt für Geschmeidigkeit und regeneriert die Augenbrauenhaare.
Rizinusöl – verleiht den Brauen einen leichten Glanz und pflegt sie intensiv.
Carnaubawachs – sorgt dafür, dass das Produkt gut auf der Augenbraue hält und dort haften bleibt.

OCTYLDODECANOL, CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE, POLYETHYLENE, SYNTHETIC WAX, SILICA, HYDROGENATED MICROCRYSTALLINE WAX, HYDROGENATED POLYCYCLOPENTADIENE, METHICONE, POLYHYDROXYSTEARIC ACID, COPERNICIA CERIFERA CERA, TALC, TOCOPHEROL [+/-] CI77891, CI77499, CI77492, CI77491. Disclaimer This list of ingredients represents the formulation that is currently being supplied by us as a manufacturer, please note that it does not take into consideration possible previous/alternative versions available for sale. There is however printed list of ingredients on each individual product that is valid at all times, so we recommend that consumers always check ingredient list on product packaging for correct information of the content.

Mit dem Bürstchen die Augenbrauen nach oben kämmen. Die Stiftmine nach oben drehen. Für breitere Linien die flache Seite der Mine verwenden und für haarfeine Striche die dünne Spitze. Wenn Sie mit der Form zufrieden sind, die Augenbrauen noch einmal mit der Bürste kämmen, um harte Linien oder Ränder zu verfeinern. Für extralangen Halt abschließend mit einem Brauengel fixieren.


4,1 von 47 Bewertungen

Neuste Bewertungen

  • nach Gracie 10 Mai 2019

    I received this product but don’t think it’s that good. I think that the colour could come out a bit darker than it does to actually make a difference. However the brush is amazing and sculpts my brows very well!

  • nach hannah111 04 Juni 2019

    This is a good eyebrow pencil as far as pencils go. I personally prefer a gel as I feel like it goes on better, the pencils don't tend to be as prominent. But this is a good pencil and it's very handy having the brush on the other side as well.

  • nach gemmahoward 01 Juni 2019

    When I got this product I thought maybe I had chosen the wrong shade as it looked really light, but once I put it on it looked fantastic, it went on darker than I thought and the coverage is great, the brush on the other end is an added bonus as it blends the pen to look more natural.

  • nach HungryPanda 30 Mai 2019

    Okay product, it does the job in sculpting your brows and nice feature of the brush attached too. But I found the crayon to be too soft for my liking. Also find the price steep compare to similar pens out there.

  • nach Wenting 27 Mai 2019

    The brow pen is very creamy and gives my brow a blurred effect of full volume which is quite different to the mircroblading effect some other brow pens provide. Personally I am not a fan of the smell which lingers for a few hours after applying.

  • nach Mumof1 23 Mai 2019

    this brow pen is good and goes on easily, it is soft tip so you have be to careful to not press to hard or your tip will smudge, it leaves your brows looking full and natural and was a good colour for me, perfect for daytime and evening wear. the brush on the other end is handy to keep your brown combed and in shape.

  • nach gints 22 Mai 2019

    This product is as you would expect! Its easy to use, lightweight and provides a decent colour and shape. A good addition to the clutch bag on a night out as its compact and effective! Also, as a first timer in terms of brow sculpting I would say its perfect as the shape of the sculptor makes it difficult to go wrong!

  • nach cathyj 22 Mai 2019

    I have many issues with eyebrow pencils and end up with a totally false look, which I hate, I found that this managed to give me a smooth shape and fills in the gaps without giving a totally tattooed look, i need a bit more practice but impressed with results so far.

  • nach Bubbles 22 Mai 2019

    I was never really one to use an eyebrow pencil I always looked silly or it was too dark ect ect.... But this little one is fab! It just the right colour can be applyed as lightly or thick you want your eyebrows and so easy to do... This will become a part my normal makeup kit!

  • nach Prilee71 22 Mai 2019

    I’ve been using this product a few days now, if I’m honest I’m struggling with the actual pen. It isn’t the easiest to apply, however the brush on the other end is really good for brushing your brows before and after to help blend the colour. It might get better the longer I use it, I think I prefer a powder on my eyebrows.

  • nach Anita Rani 21 Mai 2019

    I thought that eyebrow pen was great for filling in the gaps in my eyebrows and also matched the colour of my hair perfectly. I was able to create hair like strokes with it very easily, which lasted all day. The texture is also really nice and natural looking.

  • nach Msfoxymax 20 Mai 2019

    I have used this for two weeks and so far I’m not loving it. It’s super easy to use and the angle makes it simple to do thick and thin strokes and the built in spoolie is good for grooming brows. The colour is a good match for my natural colouring but the product itself is a bit ‘soft’ and smudges easily and wears off quickly. For a mid - top range price there are far better products available. It’s a shame it doesn’t have a better staying power as the colour was lovely.

  • nach Michelle 20 Mai 2019

    This is a great brow pen, I have very thin brows I'm very concious over, this has definitely given me more confidence and a much fuller brow, it's so much better than others I've tried and doesn't smudge, it is a perfect colour match too, I'm very impressed

  • nach jorob77 20 Mai 2019

    I use a brown pen every day & tried this one when searching for a product. I found it to difficult to use & very waxy which is a shame. Also a little too chunky to use. The brush at the end though was a good touch. Such a shame, but maybe its just not for me.

  • nach Kate 20 Mai 2019

    This brow pencil is ok but I personally prefer more of a liquid brow pencil. The colour was well matched my brow colour though and the packaging makes it easy to apply. Very good value for money and a good product to fall back on

  • nach Sheryet 19 Mai 2019

    I have to admit I have never used a brow pencil before so wasn’t sure how I would get on with it. The first thing to note was that it had 2 ends, one with a brush and the other with a retractable pencil. The brush is easy to use and gets all the hairs in line which is great, the pencil is easy to use and goes on very well. The only thing I would say is that I would go darker as its a fair bit lighter than my eyebrows are but the look it gives it a much fuller and that is exactly what I wanted. I would recommend it and will be continuing to use it.

  • nach Lizzie R 17 Mai 2019

    I have only had the brow pen for a week but have already made it a must have in my makeup bag. It's super easy to use - the firm tip means i have avoided any precision mishaps. The light brown colour is perfect for my skin tone - it gives a natural yet defined finish.

  • nach Mrs C 16 Mai 2019

    I got this a few weeks ago and have been using it daily. It's great because it has flat slanted rectangular tip which is ideal for shaping and filling your brows. Easy one stroke application makes is super easy and quick to use

  • nach Aysh11 16 Mai 2019

    My first impression was a very postive one, as this is the first brow pen I have come across. I was very excited to use it. I have the Isadora sculpting brow pen in the colour dark brown. When I came to use the product I would have to say i was a little disappointed. The colour definitely isn't dark brown, if anything it's look very light. It wasn't easy to apply, and it looked very waxy, it comes with a brush for shaping your brow. The colour didint look right when I applied it, the best thing incan say about it, it was good for shaping the brow then adding any colour. Overall the packaging look great, bit the colour and the consistently needs improving.

  • nach Tust77 16 Mai 2019

    I always fill in my brows as I think sculpted, defined eyebrows really frame the eyes and can make a huge difference to the overall look. Eyebrow pencils can be too harsh and heavy. I found the sculpting brow pen perfect! It was shaped, so gave precise definition and the colour was easy to layer to get the ideal match! The small brush ensured that the perfect shape was achievable!

  • nach Leanne12374 16 Mai 2019

    I find it hard to find a realistic looking brown colour to fill my brows, most pens/pencils seem to have a slight purple tint to them, not this one! The wide nib means it makes my brows look fuller getting into all the spaces and more defined. The colour is natural looking. The pen seems to be of high quality and comes with a brush on the end which helps to blend the product so your brows dont look thick and chunky.

  • nach TheUpbeatGirl 16 Mai 2019

    The soft texture builds up a natural look and does not look like a "hard-drawn line" like many other eyebrow pencils I have used in the past. I like that it's double ended too. The one end you have the soft pencil and the other is a handy brush which I use to prep my brows before applying the product. Over all a great product for natural looking brows.

  • nach Mbegum 16 Mai 2019

    I have used this several times and its quite a difficult one for me as it is not easy to blend to the brow as I would have hopes is kinda stiff shall I say to apply so you have to be really gentle with it, and apply it thoroughly but not too much as makes your brows look too big unless you need to add to them as mine are needing a tad touch up

  • nach Bluebear38 15 Mai 2019

    For reference I am very fair skinned with freckles and tried the Dark Brown shade. I liked the convenience of having the combined brush and pen within the product. The product lasted well and was mostly smudge proof. I felt the shade wasn’t quite right for my complexion, some more shade ranges wouldn’t come amiss. Maybe an in-between shade such as a brown/black, This looked more medium brown in appearance. Unfortunately I struggled somewhat with the application and felt this product applied quite heavily due to the soft, putty like consistency (almost looked crayon like in terms of appearance within the sparser hairs) as well as having a wider tip (roughly highlighter thickness for guidance). This made it harder to create a natural tail for the brows and the overall result looked a bit too heavy handed and less defined. The product blended out better having brushed out the brows again following application. Applying with a small angled brush may be more suited to the consistency and thickness of the product. I do however, have quite sparse brows, despite being naturally dark haired so perhaps the product is better suited to those who are more blessed in the eyebrow department and are happy with a more defined/tinted look than thier natural brows. Whereas I personally am looking for a product that can create hair-like strokes and the ability to have fuller (yet still natural looking) brows.

  • nach Alixboo 15 Mai 2019

    This brow pen is good, I do find it to be waterproof and long lasting but it is extremely waxy to the point it's hard to draw on and does take a bit of getting used to to get the right consistency to give a good impact! The colour is spot on and does not look like my own hair colour! A good pen but not for me unfortunately.

  • nach redderse 15 Mai 2019

    absolute dream pen, my brows looks amazing and it makes application a easy and sleek. the colour was perfect and lasted all day. great product and will be getting another one. my only niggle is I wish the product lasted longer but thats only to try and save me having to buy regularly.

  • nach Kbray 15 Mai 2019

    Love this sculpting brow pen! It's perfect for a clear crisp edge. I love that you can wind it up to reveal more as you use it! The colour match is absolutely fab too. My eyebrows have been perfect all day

  • nach BrumGal 15 Mai 2019

    As someone who doesn’t always do anything to her brows, this product was ideal and easy to use and helped create a thicker, tidier looking eye brow. The colour was probably a little too dark for me but next time I will look to get a lighter shade. The brow sculpt tool is a great addition and I really like the ease of use and how it shaped my brows.

  • nach Kayley2019 15 Mai 2019

    I recently received the IsaDora sculpting brow pen and love it! Acompannied with a brush makes it more efficient. It's the perfect colour for me, it's waterproof and lasts all day. I would recommend this product to all who love make up.

  • nach sk16 15 Mai 2019

    Loved this brow pen. I normally use a powder so i wasnt sure if i would get on well with it buti loved it. The colour match was perfect and was so easy to use and blend with the additional brush feature. Lasted all day and didnt smudge at all!

  • nach nickygibbo 15 Mai 2019

    I’ve been really impressed with this sculpting brow pen.. I love the flat and slanted triangular tip as it allows me to create the perfect shape and covers the gaps in my brows perfectly. It’s very easy to use and glides along the skin so it’s easily done in one stroke. I also love the fact that there is a brush at the end so you can make your brows more prominent. Love this!

  • nach Ugnele 14 Mai 2019

    I have few bold patches on my eyebrows and always struggle to fill them in, I decided to give this pen a go and could not be happier with it. It filled bold patches so easily and gave a great eyebrow definition. Highly recommend!

  • nach lauri81 14 Mai 2019

    the only thing i didnt like about ithis pen is being to smudgy . pen has flat and slanted triangular tip which makes it easy to shape my brows but texture is too soft , smudges a lot and i had to use a brush more then a pen itself

  • nach Jamielou90 14 Mai 2019

    I love this brow pencil. With the brush on the end it helps shape my eyebrows lovely and the pencil needs to pushed a little hard but the colour comes through lovely. I’ve started to use it first then do my foundation round it as I feel that helps them to pop.

  • nach Gemma07 14 Mai 2019

    I’ve been desperate to find something to not make my eyebrows look so harsh when trying to fill them a little. This product is great for that, it took awhile for me to get used to it as I’ve always used a pencil . Once you get the hang of it it’s a fantastic product. In my opinion looks natural and lasted all day. Will definitely be buying again

  • nach Adele33 13 Mai 2019

    I don't feel like myself if I don't take care of my eyebrows, I really believe they help to shape your face and showcase your best features so for me, I am always on the lookout for products that can help me with my eyebrows. I was therefore really interested to try out Isadora Sculpting Brow Pen. The best thing about this pen is that it is a multi functional tool - not only does it have a retractable pen on one end, it also contains a brush on the opposite end. This means that you have everything you need to fill, shape and create the perfect brows with the one product. It is ideal for broad and fine brow lining thanks to its retractable Sculpting Brow Pen which has a flat and slanted triangular tip, making it easy to handle and maneuver around your face to shape the brow exactly as you desire. The fact it's retractable is also great because it means you don't have to worry about the hassle of sharpening it. The pen is super easy to use, and application is so straight-forward, the pen is soft and the product glides onto your skin, meaning that you can make your eyebrow shape with one stroke, saving you time and effort. I personally prefer a natural brow look so I was really impressed by how natural this product looked on my eyebrows, it had a good colour pay off, but equally, it did not look unnatural or too inauthentic. The brush also really helped to give a more natural yet preened effect as it smoothed my eyebrow hairs into position and kept them in place. I think a combination of both the pen and the brush really helped to give me the perfect looking brows. Overall, this product is perfect for helping you to create natural, yet groomed and neat looking brows, it's multi functional, effective and the perfect handbag staple.

  • nach Claire 13 Mai 2019

    I found this product did give a good end result, however I did find it a bit tricky to use. You had to be quite firm in applying else nothing would go onto the brow, and also the end is quite thick, making it difficult to get the line in the perfect place. however that does mean that you are unlikely to over-apply. the colour was good, not too much orange just a nice natural brown.

  • nach Alex O 13 Mai 2019

    This pen is really easy to use and leaves a nice colour on my brows. I like the fact that the brush is also incorporated in the pen. The pen leaves a precise and natural look The texture of the pencil is a bit creamy so you have increase the tip of the pen daily and it does not last very long. Besides this I think is a nice product. I used the medium brown colour which matches my brunette hair and light complexion.

  • nach Ames 13 Mai 2019

    This brow pencil looked really nice once applied and gave my brows natural fullness that a lot of brow pencils struggle with. The shade was nice (I used the lightest shade for blonde hair) and it was a cool tone rather than warm tone. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because the shape of the pencil was quite difficult to use. The sharp parts went blunt quite quickly which meant I kept having to turn the pencil around. I wouldn't let this put me off buying again though, it may just take you a little longer than usual to do your brows.

  • nach Riss87 13 Mai 2019

    I absolutely love this sculpting brow pen! It does exactly what it says on the tin, creating the perfect eyebrow shape. The two in one feature of the brush and pen is also ideal for use on the go and allows you to combat both the maintenance and the shape of your brows in one. I would highly recommend :)

  • nach Sacha92 13 Mai 2019

    I normally use slanted end pencils for my eyebrows and this did not disappoint. The colour works perfectly as I am quite fair but like a good defined brow. The brush end is great to help give that natural look. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

  • nach Indiab 12 Mai 2019

    If you already have perfect brows, this product would be great as it builds on the brow rather than the skin. Unfortunately my brows aren’t in great shape, and I have gaps from over plucking. I had to use another pencil to shape my brows and then use this to ‘fill in’. Aside from that, the colour was good and it didn’t budge all day.

  • nach Amycanavan 11 Mai 2019

    Really lile the brow pen as it has a wee brush and the colour isnt to dark it help to even the eyebrows out would recomend this is to people i enjoy useing it. It made my eyebrow natual not too dark..

  • nach Thismumsavesmoney 11 Mai 2019

    I’m very happy with this product, it’s such a great idea to have a 2 in 1 brow pencil. I used the brush to comb through my lashes and then used the angels pencil to fill in any gaps in my brows. The colour light brown was perfect for my mouse brown eyebrows. I then brushed through the product with the brush again to give a more natural look. Also for it to be waterproof is a great bonus so no need to re-apply throughout the day!

  • nach Gracie 10 Mai 2019

    I received this product but don’t think it’s that good. I think that the colour could come out a bit darker than it does to actually make a difference. However the brush is amazing and sculpts my brows very well!

  • nach Euicenia Sanchez 21 Dezember 2020

    it looks nice and how much that cost? ya'll selling those?

  • nach Julie Bonte 02 Januar 2021

    I love this. I will buy it again

    beantwortet von IsaDora 21-01-04 08:30

    Hi Julie, we are happy you like it! :)

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