Probiotic Protection Nail Treatment

  • Boosts with good bacteria, improving natural microflora
  • Deeply moisturizes nails and cuticles
  • Strengthens nail’s surface against external aggressors
05 Nail Treatment 05 Nail Treatment

This tiny bottle of goodness is packed with guarding and nail-strengthening properties to help preserve the nails’ and cuticles’ natural microflora, thus protecting it from daily wear and tear. One coat of the water-based technology treats your nails to a dose of powerful probiotic complex and light resurfacing. It all comes down to healthier, stronger and more hydrated nails. We love it.

Probiotic complex – a power blend of lactobacillus (the good kind of bacteria naturally found in human intestines).
AHA – short for alpha hydroxy acid, chosen for its resurfacing and hardening properties.
Panthenol and glycerin – both emollients, boosting nails’ hydration.

Massage onto clean, bare nails daily. If you’re planning on applying nail polish afterwards, make sure to wash and dry your hands beforehand.


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  • By Ninnie 05 January 2022

    Bästa!! Älskar den här produkten och märker så stor skillnad om jag inte använt den på några dagar.

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