Contour Stick'n Brush

  • Sculpts and defines to bring out your natural beauty
  • Soft, weightless texture creates ‘light and shadow’ effect
  • Creamy formula blends beautifully and easily – ‘mistake-proof’ results
  • Anytime, anywhere application – convenient stick format and built-in brush

Put your best face forward, anytime and anywhere! Our Contour Stick’n Brush comes in a convenient format: creamy color is featured with a sculpted tip created to define your natural
beauty. Its soft, weightless texture melts on contact with the contours of your face to create a ‘light and shadow’ effect. Its buildable color and built-in brush help you to sculpt perfectly,
to enhance features like cheekbones and jawline. Contouring and sculpting are now so easy to achieve, as the creamy formula blends beautifully for mistake-proof application!

Combination of special powders – give a light, matte finish.
Rich in pigmentation – provides a smooth, seamless coverage.
SPF 30 – protects with UVA-UVB filters.

Apply your Contour Stick’n Brush on bare skin or over foundation to add contour to the hollow of your cheeks, along the jawline and the sides of your nose or other areas of your face. Blend using the built-in brush or your fingers.

Warm your Contour Stick’n Brush in your hands before applying it to get an even smoother, blendable finish.


3.5 out of 2 reviews

Latest reviews

  • By Amelia 28 November 2022

    Formulan är fantastisk att arbeta med mot huden, dock är sticket extremt skört och bryts av väldigt lätt. Väldigt tråkigt då den blir komplicerad att arbeta med.

    Answered by IsaDora 22-12-05 11:47

    Hej, prova att skruva upp sticket minimalt när du applicerar så minskar risken att det bryts! Vh, team Isadora

  • By Madeleine 12 April 2023

    Love this product! I use it everyday for contouring and it lasts all day, even through a workout!

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