10 Sec High Impact Lift & Curl Mascara

  • Gives lifted, curled lashes effortlessly and in no time
  • Light, creamy, buildable texture – ideal for lifting lashes
  • Water-resistant, long-wearing formula – glides on easily without clumping or flaking
  • Uniquely shaped brush – separates lashes while lifting and plumping from the roots

Make an impact with dramatic lashes that defy gravity with their curl. Our vegan High Impact Lift & Curl Mascara will do all that, and more! Believe it or not, but all you need is just 10 seconds to work on each eye. Its light, creamy texture is ideal for lifting and curling lashes, without clumping or flaking. The brush is uniquely shaped to reach every lash, separating and fanning them out to perfection. So much so that you’ll feel like you’ve used an eyelash curler! Open your eyes to this new mascara and get those gorgeously lifted, curled lashes with no effort, and in no time.

Castor-oil plant fibers – mascara brush fibers made of natural based nylon material give the ultimate lengthening and panoramic effect to lashes.
Natural origin polymer – allows for smooth application
Castor oil – featured in mascara formula, provides moisturizing benefits, helping lashes appear thicker and healthier.
Vegetal and other waxes – provides volumizing effect and well-defined finish

Hold the brush against your lashes and sweep from root to tip. Repeat to achieve your desired effect, letting the brush separate and fan out every single lash for the ultimate lift, curl and volume.


3.7 out of 6 reviews

Latest reviews

  • By Nahal 20 February 2022

    So good

  • By Luisa 01 June 2022

    Diese Mascara hebt die Wimpern so toll an! Ich hab sehr gerade Wimpern und benutze sonst immer eine Wimpernzange aber mit dieser Mascara geht es auch ohne - 10/10 von mir

  • By Natalia 05 March 2023


  • By Kaisa 04 April 2023

    Ger ett bra lyft som håller länge

  • By Vee 20 April 2023

    I am guite dissappointed with this mascara. The texture is dry and when brushing mascara on, lashes are clumpy and in a while it also smudges. This has been the case since day one. Never going to buy this again. ☹️

    Answered by IsaDora 23-04-20 15:17

    We're sorry to hear you're unsatisified! Have you tried to scrape off the excess mascara before you apply? Best, team Isadora

  • By Anna 14 June 2023

    Är maskara vegan friendly?

    Answered by IsaDora 23-06-14 11:58

    Hej Anna, 10 Sec High Impact Lift & Curl Mascara är vegan friendly mascara! Team IsaDora

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